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Excerpts from a presentation by Robert A. Spence

In his speaking engagements, Robert focuses on how corporations have it in their power to preserve the planet AND their profitability.

Robert is a  business lawyer, environmentalist, LEED Accredited Professional certified by the Canada Green Building Council, and author of 7 Perspectives On Sustainability and The Sustainability Officer's Handbook.

His lecture on Profits Forever! is an inspiring review of the ways that business can manage for sustainable profits. The technologies and practices are at hand today to help businesses go green while still keeping a firm control over their expenses.

His lecture on the 7 Perspectives On Sustainability gets to the real meaning of sustainability. Using simple but powerful ideas, he can motivate managers to embrace the search for sustainability and for improved productivity throughout a business. 

To contact Robert about his availability to speak to your group, contact him here.

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Biodiversity and business: the economics of nature